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Let It Rain Custom Goods

"My creative gift has been a part of me since I could remember, as if built into my genetic makeup. When I look back over my life, during past obstacles, when so many things were lost, that gift, my imagination and working hands, were not.


It was a gift of art and peace and it made my spirit smile. Then I began to notice that it made others smile as they received my handmade creations. Fast forward, that passion to create something special by hand, that will be used for good and creates a smile, captures memories, or shares a message, is still burning strong.


My way of spreading happiness in this life is to use my gifts and share them with others whether creating items for family get-togethers, child and adult birthday parties​, celebrating a new life with baby showers, creating materials for starter businesses, rallying office team members for learning and fun, or designing gifts created specifically for someone to share how much one cares.


Yes, there are many extremely talented creators in this field, but what I do understand of myself, is that everything set before me, I give my all and allow these gifts to flow through all of my creations. Each piece is designed through love, peace, and thoughtful considerations of YOU.

My creative gifts are raining down on me and that is why I love to let it rain custom goods!"


Kendra | Creative Director & Owner

Kendra's Umbrella, LLC


OMG! I can't believe how my tee shirts turned out.

It is exactly what we needed for our family reunion.

The price cannot be beat and the quality

and shipping were excellent.

I will order again soon!!!

La Cheryl L.

(475) 239-8180

New Haven County, CT

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