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KMP Event Rentals & Productions

Branding Project

The KMP Event Rentals & Productions was a rebranding project. 


Our client was interested in getting a logo created, updating the style of her business cards, and wanting to switch over from having a Shopify website to a full functioning website. Therefore, we had several main objectives to meet as described by our client: create an elegant, script type logo, red in color, and to create a full operating website to showcase every rental option with the ability to request rentals.

One of the biggest challenges we faced with this project was to develop a functioning website that was website search feature, yet aesthetic, and user friendly, with booking capabilities. After testing and several meetings, we were able to meet our brief components. 

At the end of our project, our client was presented with a final business card double-sided layout, 6-page website with a members section, and a logo package. The logo package included, RBG and CMYK logo files (the logo is presented in various formats - JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF), various sizes ranging from small to XXL), EPS file, font package, and various logo color options including a transparent logo.

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