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Party Decor Accessories Kits: Services

Party Décor Accessories Kits

Accessories Aren't Just for Clothes.

A Party Décor Accessories Kit includes a blend of handicrafted items which become the perfect addition to any event. Kits may contain centerpieces, vinyl decorated picture frames, streamers, lettered-cake toppers, balloons, cutlery, name it! These kits are also tailored to fit your needs.

Use a Party Décor Accessories Kit as standalone decorations to jazz up your event's area or pair them with your existing decorations to compliment and complete your layout. 

Express your company, client, or personal style by accessorizing your event with a Party Décor Accessories Kit...Because accessories are for more than just outfits.

Design Your Own Party Décor Accessories Kit:

Party Décor Accessories Kits are designed to help reduce the stress involved with event planning. Customizing a specific Party Décor Accessories Kit/Theme to fit your needs is the missing remedy.


Let's get started today designing your personalized, custom engagement party decorations, custom first birthday party decorations, custom graduation party decorations, church receptions and galas, party table decorations and more.

We can begin your process by email, text message, or phone call!

If we have already discussed the creation of your custom party decorations but additional information has been requested to begin the creative process of designing your custom Party Décor Accessories Kit, please share your responses on the Design Your Own Party Décor Accessories Kit Questionnaire.

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How to Apply Vinyl to

Inflated Latex Balloons

How to Apply Vinyl to Inflated Latex Balloons
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Available Party Décor Accessories Kits

Designed with You in Mind

I'm Boutta Tee Off

Mini-Sized Party Décor Accessories Kit

Golf enthusiasts love celebrating just as the next person! It's a mini size kit perfect for small gatherings. It comes with balloons, various designed cupcake toppers, and a matching t-shirt.

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Blissful Snowfall

Party Décor Accessories Kit

Originally designed to suit a December birthday party. The Blissful Snowfall Party Décor Accessories Kit offers versatility - it can set the ambiance for a dinner party, baby shower, work event, or church event!

The Distiguished Gentleman

Party Décor Accessories Kit

This kit is sophistication and elegance, in a box, ready to be arranged for display. Gold and silver compliment the white and black color scheme. Now don't be mislead by the name because both men and women will truly shine with a party decoration kit that matches their personality.


A New Little Princess is On the Way

Party Décor Accessories Kit

First daughter or not, she will be loved and precious! The soft color tones of yellow, pink, white, and hints of green immediately puts you in the mind frame of welcoming a new life into the world and well wishes for the parents-to-be. This kits includes invitations, hanging decorations, cutlery and plates, a backdrop, and more!

Party Decor Accessories Kits: Inventory
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